An intermediate level snowboarding camp aimed at mid-higher intermediate snowboarders who have done 3-10 weeks on snow.

For this intermediate level snowboarding camp, you can turn on both your toe and heel edge consistently. Together with confidently riding all Greens, Blues, Red and some Black runs.

Tough conditions slow you down and affect your technique. You have done some easy, open off-piste. Does this sound like you? If so, join our intermediate level snowboarding camp for a sick week of snowboarding in the 3 Valleys.

We will ride all-terrain from piste to powder with some very basic freestyle thrown in for good measure during our intermediate level snowboarding camp! You will specifically learn how your body position relates to the output you get from your board. In addition to how your board’s set-up can change the way you feel and how varied circumstances require a different application of skills.

All in all, our intermediate level snowboarding camp will get you shredding the 3 Valleys mountains with more style and control.

Price includes:

  • 5 x full days coaching from BASI 4 ISTD instructor Jono Stevens
  • Technical feedback with evening video analysis
  • On-hill live video analysis
  • Intro to freeride safety
  • Board set up, do’s and don’ts
  • On-piste technical development, basic freestyle & intro to off-piste

Date: Mon 11th Mar – Fri 15th Mar 2024
Location: Meribel 3 Valleys, France

€600 per person

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Snowboard group being taught on the Cab9 Snowboarding Next Steps Performance course
Snowboarding group being taught at an intermediate Cab9 Snowboarding camp
Snowboarder turning close to the snowy gound

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